Saturday, 29 January 2011

Teh Tarik teh easy weh

Condensed milk is a freakish and wartime-type thing, like powdered eggs or own-brand orange juice.  What do they actually do to it?  What is it for?  How old is that can?  Well, none of that matters.  Thanks to the wonders of student visas, I can now tell you why condensed milk was invented, even if they didn't realise it at the time.

My boyfriend's university was and is a happy home from home for Malaysian nerds, and where they go when they want to eat out is Bonda Cafe in London, which prides itself on its traditional cooking (they even have a plaque from the Malaysian government congratulating them for it).  The food is needless to say delicious; what is even more amazing is what they do with their condensed milk: put it in their tea and then make it into tea-a-chinos by tipping the hot liquid from one glass to another very very quickly, sort of like a cross between your gran and a qualified Soho mixologist.  It's called 'teh tarik,' which means 'pulled tea,' because of the tipping back and forth action.  I didn't bother to do that at home, because I feared getting it EVERYWHERE but I did make a nice hot cup of Yorkshire Tea Specially For Hard Water (the only way) and put 2 teaspoonfuls (ok 2 and a half) of condensed milk in it.  Om nom nom.  Now that's what you do with that tin.

If you are actually a Malaysian builder, I fear for your teeth.

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